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The FCS press-cutting service gives explanation

On May 26, 2006, certain members of mass media hastily disseminated inadequate information, regarding requirements, imposed on toxicity level of used transport vehicles, imported into the territory of the Russian Federation.

In particular, certain mass media pages maintain that “the FCS officials announced in effect that the new standards Euro-3 would have been already introduced by September 1, 2006”. The FCS of Russia did not circulate any information about a would-be introduction of the ecological standard Euro-3 on the 1st of September of 2006. 

 Due to an inadequate number of Rostekhregulirovanije agencies, vested with the authority to issue documents in support of environmental class Euro-2 of motor-vehicles, customs authorities, in the time of putting of motor-vehicle in circulation within the customs territory of the Russian Federation, until the 1st of September, 2006 will be guided by the Table of year of manufacture of transport vehicles. This document, meeting the requirements of the environmental class Euro-2, was developed by Rostekhregulirovanije and brought to the notice of customs authorities by the Letter No. AP-2782/05, forwarded by the Ministry of Energy Industries on May 24, 2006 and containing no any reference to introduction of the environmental standard Euro-3.   

We would like to remind that one of the main functions, assigned to the Russian customs authorities is to maintain security control over imported commodities. Imposing bans or placing limitations are beyond the bounds of legal faculty of customs authorities unless otherwise established by the law.

In the case in question, customs authorities execute the Regulation No. 609, issued by the Government of the Russian Federation on the 12th of October, 2005.   

The disseminated information applies solely to requirements of the special-purpose rules of procedure “On emission requirements, imposed on motor-vehicles put in circulation in the territory of the Russian Federation”, approved by the RF Government’s regulation No. 609, dated October 12, 2005, and introducing the environmental class Euro-2.     



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