New York Criminal Lawyers Since everyone that has ever watched a police show on television or at the movies knows the standard Miranda Warning almost as well as the police that read it to every suspect they question, you would think that everyone who is picked up by the police would ask for a lawyer as soon as the police finished reading that warning. From a civil liberties perspective it is a great shame that that is not the case. The police, of course, do not see it that way.

New York Car Accident Lawyers On an Independence Day in the early 1990ís, a father drove along the Pacific Coast Highway in southern California. Near Malibu he came to an intersection, and he stopped at a red light. Soon a crashing sound filled the air, as the passengers in the car fell forward. The manís Toyota, which had a driver and two passengers, had been hit from behind. The man said, ďIím not seeing red, white and blue on this 4th of July; Iím seeing green.Ē That man understood how a car accident lawyer can help someone who has been in a car accident.

New York DUI Lawyers You had been out to the club, a party, or even just a friendís house and had a few drinks. You didnít think about it when you got in the car to drive home, but you sure did when you saw the flashing lights on the police car behind you. Am I drunk? Am I wasted? Am I driving under the influence? Am I driving while intoxicated? Too late then; instead itís time to think about calling a DUI Lawyer.

New York Bankruptcy Lawyers Your bills got you down? Is the bank trying to take your house? Is the loan company towing your car? Is the IRS taking a big chunk out of your paycheck for back taxes? Who are you going to call? The Bankruptcy Lawyer, thatís who, or at least that used to be the automatic answer. Unfortunately, the rules have changed significantly in the last year or so; bankruptcy may not be the answer that it used to be. To find out for sure, still call the Bankruptcy Lawyer.

New York Education Lawyers In the good ole days, when ever that was, the only time you talked to a lawyer about school was when you were trying to determine what Law School you should go to when you finished your Bachelorís Degree. Since Brown v The Board of Education, lawyers have become more and more involved in the educational process; usually endeavoring to insure that everyone has a equal shot at getting access to the education that they deserve. In this regards, Education Law can be thought of as an extension of Civil Rights Law.

New York Family Lawyers All marriages go through periods when the man and wife disagree. If such disagreements occur repeatedly, and if the disagreements encourage an escalation of divisive tendencies coming from one or both spouses, then they can lead to divorce. When that happens, then the couple needs to contact an attorney who specializes in family law.

New York Personal Injury Lawyers Contrary to the belief of many who live outside of the United States, not every U.S. citizen understands the benefits provided to an injured person who has established contact with a lawyer. Some people prefer to keep their personal injuries personal. They do not want to make their personal concerns an object that can be put in public view.

New York Real Estate Lawyers In earlier days there was just one lawyer involved in the sale of a house; the one that handled the closing of the sale. He sat at the head of the table and moved the paperwork back and forth between the seller and the buyer. He was the one that held the money until all of the paperwork was done. He was the disinterested observer, not serving the direct interest of either party.

New York Tax Lawyers There are lots of problems that you can deal with on your own without relying on lawyers; pay a traffic ticket, deal with a late car payment, or report a minor fender bender where there are no injuries. The one problem that you do not want to deal with without an attorney is a problem with taxes and the Internal Revenue Service. Filing taxes can be done on your own or paying the amount that the IRS says you owe for an error on your return should not require a tax lawyer. Anything more complicated than that should be handled by an experienced tax lawyer.

New York Vioxx Lawyers In September of 2004, when Merck voluntarily removed their prescription pain medication, Vioxx, from the market, Product Liability Law once again moved into the realm of every day news. Lawyers for every day people took on one of the worldís largest drug companies. The battles are still raging.